Theater Camp

This week long program is catered to children ages six to nine. We spend the week learning about the theater world through age appropriate workshops, exercises, and games. While this program allows for a little more explorative play time, we still expect a lot from them. They rehearse and perform several scenes, are heavily involved in many design elements, and learn all about theater. Our main objective when working with this age group is to give them an introduction to theater that feels safe, exciting, and fun.

Theater Intensive

This program is for children ages ten to fourteen and runs for one to two weeks, depending on your community’s preference. In that time, we provide the building blocks for a show and guide these kids as they develop monologues and scenes, design technical elements, and make decisions about their performance. Our goal with this intensive is to begin to develop a foundational skill set and foster the self-confidence that they’ll need to find their niche in the theater world.


Although our programs are aimed at children from the ages six to fourteen, we offer opportunities for older kids to get involved in theater as well. Our competitive internship program is open to high school students who have a strong interest in theater. If you’re interested, read more about it here!

Backyard Theater

The Angelica Players began in our backyard, performing Macbeth with tinker-toy swords and pillow case tunics.  We believe that the creativity, playfulness, and collaborative thought that theater encourages can be found anywhere, even when you only have an imaginary stage and make-believe props.  Because of this, and our mission to provide theater to children in areas that don’t have access to performing arts, we have additional programming options that are more flexible and are ready to fit your organization’s unique needs.  Contact us today to work with us to create the backyard theater that is perfect for the children in your community!