Our mission is simple: to bring theater to children in areas that don’t have access to performing arts.

My name is Ksa Curry and I am the Director of The Angelica Players. I grew up in Angelica, a beautiful, rural village in Western New York. Opportunities for children in theater were limited, as is the plight in many rural communities. My friends and I directed and performed versions of Macbeth and Twelfth Night in my backyard until we were old enough to become involved in the community theater in the area. I soaked in as much of that world as I could, and I didn’t forget the need for children’s theater. When I graduated high school in 2013, I organized and directed the first Angelica Players Summer Theater Camp, watching as children, parents, and supportive community members came together for the arts.

The Angelica Players have been producing youth theater programming ever since, evolving and branching out to serve communities across the country. We now offer three separate programs that are developed to support a range of age groups.

The programming we offer is unique. We give children the tools, support, and guidance to create a performance from top to bottom. The children make all the decisions about the execution of the performance, making this true children’s theater. At the end of the program when the curtain opens, the show is entirely theirs. In our world, six year olds memorize lines and twelve year olds run the show. Every kid in our camp is a director, a stage manager, a costume designer, a lighting technician, and the star of the show.

I have heard so many people doubt the ability of children. Every time someone tells me that children can’t memorize lines or learn choreography, I am reminded why I do this work. We are here to show them how incredibly capable and talented children are. Every year, we hear doubts and concerns, and every single year we see children rise to the occasion.

All we have to do is believe in them.